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Yasahiro is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. He acts as the major secondary character in the School Swap arc.


Yasahiro Yukawa applied to go to the Chizuko Ninja Village after needing a challenge from beating both his sister and father in separate fights. He was trained rigorously, to the point of near-death in most cases. In the end, he graduated as an unstoppable force that can be used as a walking weapon when necessary.

As of then, he was a permanent teacher in the village, though chose to live in the mountainside just above the main village as a Buddhist monk.


His hair is silver-blue, styled in a side-part.

He wears a white monk's gi with socks and black tabi shoes. His accessories include a giant prayer bead necklace, a small prayer bead bangle on his left wrist and black metal bangles on the opposite hand.


Yasahiro is very refined in his speech, though not coming off as posh or snobbish as he often slips up and uses an unnecessary abbreviation.

In GODFORM, he becomes saint-like and comes off as more serious.


Superhuman Strength - Thanks to his training, Yasa is able to break boulders and fell trees with single punches.

Ergokinesis - Yasahiro has full control over his own and Earth's energy, using that to his advantage.

Transformation - When his necklace is broken, they leak their energy into him, making him GODFORM Yasahiro.

Fighting style:[]

Yasahiro uses a mixture of ninja arts and kung fu, using powerful strikes and taking advantage of his surroundings and positions he's in.


-Beat Jin in less than a minute during their first encounter.

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