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Reiko is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by DeviantArt user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as a minor hero in the story.


After the events of Blood On The Battlefield, Reiko remained in Hokkaido in solitude at her hut, training day in and day out. However, she had a small fling with a "young demon man" who ended up being her baby daddy for her son-to-be Jun. When her father caught wind of her having an heir, he smothered Reiko to make up for the times he neglected his wife.

In the end, Rei became a single mom for the next 5 years until she sent him to the academy to "toughen up".


Starting out, her hair is black and cut to neck length. She wears a black & red attire consisting of an eyepatch, a top, tights, gloves & boots. When back in Hokkaido, she dons a tattered black shawl.

In the later seasons, namely the Power School Tournament Arc, she ditches the eyepatch and starts growing her hair out, though remaining quiet and spiteful.

By the time she comes to rescue Jun from Haruki, her hair reaches her lower back and has red streaks at the sides. She wears a more traditional Japanese warrior garb, consisting of sarashi around her chest, waist and thighs, a black & pink floral kimono with the top hanging off, tall platform sandals and long gloves.


As left off in Blood On The Battlefield, Reiko remained almost soulless, focusing all her time into training even while having to take care of Jun. When she did have spare time, she neglected and abused him to stop him from crying.

Later on, in the Underworld Arc, she regains her vigour, talking with more emotion while remaining immovable.


Demon Powers - Reiko's signature abilities include regeneration, dark energy strikes, transformation and super speed.

Fighting style:[]

Reiko's style is based around her father's style of martial arts, combining her demon powers with strong strikes and grapples.


-Beat Jun multiple times.

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