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"Potential Gems are what help young'uns like you get the powers you want. These are interchangeable, but you will all be assigned only one based on your combat induction. Any questions?" ― Headmaster Caleb Lassiter

Potential Gems are the major plot point in New Battlefield, Same Place. These Gems are legitimate high quality gems mined from the Earth, which are then infused with a specific power based on their color, quality and sturdiness. When held, the user's left eye glows the same color as the gem they hold. If they ever get another, their right eye will light up the same, though that is a VERY rare case.


Gem Type Gem Names Users Gestures
Red/Crimson/Magenta Red:

Burning Soul,

All Red Everything


Volcanic Verve,

Red Rage

Fuu Nairoga, Yuki Mishima

Yuki Mishima

Ken Boraiten

Screenshot 20190307-130440 Easy Poser.jpg
Blue/Turquoise Blue:

Heavy Rain,

Wavy Wildlife,

Sky's The Limit

Fuu Nairoga

Bartz Disagorus

Screenshot 20190307-130412 Easy Poser.jpg
Green With Envy,

Vigorous Verdance

Jin Kasuraya

Bartz Disagorus

Screenshot 20190307-130509 Easy Poser.jpg
Yellow/Gold Gold:


Savior of Masses

Kairin Shumesch

Ai Yukawa

Screenshot 20190307-130614 Easy Poser.jpg
Pink Ecstasy Everywhere Jia Lin Shu
Screenshot 20190307-130545 Easy Poser.jpg
Brown Earth Beneath Me,


Satoshi Mayura


Screenshot 20190307-130702 Easy Poser.jpg
Purple/Violet Purple:

Plums & Peaches

Toxic Traits

Su Ya, Charlotte Fawkes

Hana Reishin

Screenshot 20190307-130735 Easy Poser.jpg
Screenshot 20190307-130954 Easy Poser.jpg
Black/Grey Deepest Abyss,

Dream World,



Amakusa Amaizen

Oliver Lassiter

Screenshot 20190307-130636 Easy Poser.jpg
White Purity,

Frozen Feelings,

Guiding Light,


Kairin Shumesch

Leila Daizen

Charlotte Fawkes

Oliver Lassiter

Screenshot 20190307-130916 Easy Poser.jpg
Rainbow Full Spectrum Origin, Caleb Lassiter, Jun Mishima
20190307 130840.jpg

Attack Combinations:[]

Red Blue Green Yellow Pink Brown Purple Orange Black White Rainbow
N/A Regulars:

Red Eyes: Furnace Fist,

Red Eyes: Heatwave, Red Eyes: Rolling Fire,

Red Eyes: Blast Burn,

Crimson Eyes: Bleeding Blade

Crimson Eyes: Death's Lullaby

Crimson Eyes: Red Arrow


All Crimson: Blades of Destruction

All Crimson: Magma Storm


Blue Eyes: Rehydration,


All Blue: Tears of The Warriors


Green Eyes: Splitter Ray,

Green Eyes: Turbulence,

Green Eyes: Loner Flash,

Green Eyes: Confidence Boost





All Green: Redeeming Factor

Shin! Hishouken


Gold Eyes: Money Maker,

Gold Eyes: Roaring Bomb,

Gold Eyes: Paralysing Claw

Gold Eyes: Vanquishing Blades


All Gold: Soul Splicing


Pink Eyes: Infatuator,

Pink Eyes: Raygun,


All Pink: Love Me Forever~!


Purple Eyes: Toxic Spray,

Purple Eyes: Venom Coil,

Purple Eyes: Infectant


All Purple: Acidic Delight


White Eyes: Chillzone, White Eyes: Arctic Arrow,

White Eyes: Blizzard Bomb,


All White: Ice Age

All Colors: Perfect Balance
Red Crimson Eyes: Melting Point, Blue Eyes: Full Cooldown Pink Eyes: Red Finch Brown Eyes: Red Buffalo Purple Eyes: Red Frog Orange Eyes: Red Lobster Black Eyes: Crimson Demon White Eyes: Red Panda Rainbow Eyes: Red Dragon
Blue Rainbow Eyes: Blue Whale

Blue Eyes: Green Scorpion,

Blue Eyes: Green Shark

Rainbow Eyes: Green Cicada
Yellow White Eyes: Blinding Light Rainbow Eyes: Yellow Golem
Pink Red Eyes: Pink Mayfly Rainbow Eyes: Pink Sun
Brown Rainbow Eyes: Brown Buck
Purple Rainbow Eyes: Purple Steed
Orange Rainbow Eyes: Orange Rooster
Black Regulars:

Black Eyes: Shadow Down,

Black Eyes: Sleepwalker,

Black Eyes: Cower in Fear


All Black: Greater of 2 Evils

Rainbow Eyes: Black Devil
White Rainbow Eyes: White Angel
Rainbow Black Eyes: Spectral Phoenix All Colors: Greater Star