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Omen is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. He acts as one of the major rivals in the story.


Nemo "Omen" Amaiden is the principal of the Underground Arts School and the organiser of the latest Power School Tournament.


His hair is black with white tips and spiked up.

He wears a black coat with a pale blue shirt & white bonnet, black tights, mask & boots. He also has black facepaint with 2 dots on his forehead.


At first, Omen is incredibly intimidating. He rarely speaks during the tournament and does nothing to hold back in his fighting.

But in actuality, he is a very friendly man who only wants to have a good time to rebuild his reputation as a good teacher.


Ergokinesis - Omen can rapidly - so much so that he looks like he's only holding his hand out - strike his opponents with purple energy engulfed fists.

Superhuman Reflexes - Omen's able to shift dimensions on a whim, able to avoid almost every attack thrown at him.

Mortem - If Omen maintains eye contact with his opponent for 3 seconds with glowing eyes, they are crippled and in the worst pain they've ever felt. If he looks for another 3 seconds, they die.

Fighting style:[]

Omen's style is made by himself based around his dark powers.


-Killed a lackey & Leila with Mortem.

-Beat everyone in the tournament except Jun.

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