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Lily is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by DeviantArt user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as a major plot point in the Grand Power School Tournament arc.

Story: []

Lily Ivy L'Beau is the technical youngest sister of the L'Beau triplets. She is one of the main participants of the Grand Power School Tournament.


Her hair is black and styled in a straight bob. Her face is heavily made up too.

She wears a black & red dress decorated with a brown fur collar, matching fishnet stockings, neck-lace and boots.


Lily, mentally, is the slowest of the sisters. Unlike the other 2, she has a very small grasp on English and speaks French 99% of the time. She takes very few things seriously, only laughing off her mess-ups, even if they are big.


Black Magic - Lily specialises in Death magic, making her opponent painfully weak, put them through a hellscape and even stop their heart on command.

Fighting style:[]

Lily fights with her sisters as a unit, being the taunter.

Theme Songs:[]

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