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Leila is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as one of the major heroes in the story.


Leila Daizen came into the academy when she recently turned 16, in need of finding 'proper education' from her family after homeschooling her in seclusion for so long.


Her hair is white and tied in a high ponytail, leaving some bangs free.

She wears a Japanese-style uniform, black arm warmers, thigh high striped socks & black boots.


Thanks to staying inside her whole life with her immediate family, who were already incredibly rich, Leila comes off as reserved and a little creepy with the way she stays quiet and stares at people who don't look like her or her family.

She means well though, having a heart of gold (and ice) and finding friends in Jin & Bartz quickly. She also holds a strong trust and love in Jin, even after all the events that occurred with Fuu.


Cryokinesis - Through all of her Gem Moves, she can freeze her opponents with either her touch, a field of ice or turning the room cold with her power alone.

Fighting style:[]

Leila's fighting style is unique, using palm strikes, attacks using her joints rather than her limbs and complex holds.


-Beat Fuu.

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