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Jin Kasuraya is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by DeviantArt user MajorKrystalFan. He acts as one of the major heroes in the story.


Jin Kasuraya came into the academy when he was 17, turning 18 after accidentally unleashing an unknown power after getting into a fight with his father. Thinking it was an asylum, both of Jin's parents sent him to the New Right Time Academy to 'reform'.


His hair is blue and greatly spiked up. He has a scar over his left eye.

He wears an all-black attire, consisting of a tank top, tall sweatbands, sweatpants and tall boots.


Jin was a shy man. After getting abused by his parents for his 'secret', he almost forgot how to speak, in fear of saying something stupid - which was always to them. It took a lot for him to open up, having to have the crap beaten out of him in order to have any semblance of personality; and that was when he was given his Gem - With Envy.

Within a few weeks of being at the academy, he was getting recognised as one of the hardest working, strongest fighters in his class, getting praised by Bartz. After then, he frequently went out to parties, even if he wasn't formally invited.


Ergokinesis - Through Loner Flash, Jin can fire long rays of pale green energy at his opponents with varying speeds; and through Redeeming Factor, he can engulf his fist with energy.

Aerokinesis - Through Confidence Boost, he can create a wave of air around him that can push his opponents away.

Fighting style:

Jin's style is based around kung-fu, using various deadly punches, kicks and throws with his own twist on them.


-Beat Fuu.

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