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Gokan is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by DeviantArt user MajorKrystalFan. He acts as a minor hero in the story.


Gokan is a young boy with amnesia, knowing only his name and his "father".

He came into the school to initially act as a spy for Oliver and form bonds with as many people as he could during his time there; making the latter not want to fight him and try to go easy - for a quick sweep in the Grand Power School Tournament.


His hair is brown, tied in a bun and put in a white cap.

He wears a white qipao with gold trims & a yin-yang symbol on the chest, brown pants & black kung fu shoes.


Gokan is extremely polite, robotic almost. He is a very neutral person, taking things as easily as possible given the situation and shows a great willingness to learn.

However, his amnesia makes him a prime target for brainwashing, like he was by Oliver.


Nigh-Universal Power - Gokan can use almost any elemental power in the world, from being able to control fire to even having the ability to control death energy, though not perfecting it like others.

Superhuman Jump - He can jump as high as the topmost stand in the Grand Power School Tournament.

Fighting style:[]

Gokan utilises multiple arts to fight, mainly kung fu for his powerful strikes.


-Beat Omen with a single strike.

-Beat Oliver.

Theme Songs:[]

Concept Theme:


-Gokan's gender is unknown, but many refer to him as an effeminate male.

-The idea for Gokan came from Naruto character Haku.


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