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Fuu is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as one of the minor villains in the story.


Fuu Nairoga came into the academy when she was 15 after failing to find a job to help support herself after her mother mysteriously disappeared...though it hardly helped she was in the middle of nowhere, unqualified to drive or work for any amount of money.


Her hair is brown and styled in a French braid. She has scars over her right eye and left cheek. She also wears red lipstick, with matching nails.

She wears a red & blue qipao over a white shirt, baggy black pants and white boots.


On the surface, Fuu is a cocky, bratty, typical gossip girly woman who is loved only by the popular kids, picking on those weaker than her to make her seem like the top dog.

But on the inside, she's a loyal, caring and somewhat anxious individual who wants nothing more than positive recognition. She even admitted she was wrong about making up the story about Jin & Leila's relationship after finding out the truth - she wasn't speaking or showing any form of sympathy simply she didn't know - or want to know - the full story.


Hydrokinesis - Through Rehydration, she can surround herself with a ball of water, which cushions most attacks in the process too; and through Tears of The Warriors, she can shroud her limbs with water that act as sharp jets, cutting her opponent.

Pyrokinesis - Through Furnace Fist, she can engulf her right hand with fire, even exploding it; and through Heatwave, she can launch a wave of pure white hot heat towards her opponent - though, it fizzles out after a few meters.

== Fighting style: ==

Fuu's style is based around karate, using various deadly punches, kicks and throws with her own twist on them.


-Convinced the school Jin was dating Leila.

-First female student to get 2 Gems.

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