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Eve is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by DeviantArt user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as a major plot point in the Grand Power School Tournament arc.

Story: []

Eve L'Beau is the technical 2nd eldest sister of the L'Beau triplets, and the most magic-proficient. She is one of the main participants of the Grand Power School Tournament.


Her hair is black, covering her left eye. Her face is heavily made up too.

She wears a black & red dress with matching boots, spiky bracelets & a silver choker with a purple amethyst dangling from it.


Eve is the most level headed of her sisters. She primarily speaks English, even when Alicia tells her not to. She's also the most emotional, quick to take things the wrong way.


Black Magic - Eve can make her opponents fly, create purple bullets & even drain their life force.

Fighting style:[]

Eve fights with her sisters as a unit, being the primary magician.

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