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Bartz is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. He acts as one of the major heroes in the story.


Bartz Disagorus came into the academy when he was 18 after finding a flyer at his regular high school, advertised as a 'minor army training camp'.

After being there for a year, he managed to get his hands on a second Gem, Vigorous Verdance, through getting the "Warrior of The Semester" award 3 times in a row.


His hair is brown with pinkish highlights, tied in a high ponytail. He has a scar over his right eye and 3 over his left eye.

He wears a pair of blue pants, black sweatbands & tall boots. He also has 3 earrings in his left ear. He remains shirtless for most of his time shown.


Bartz isn't very bright in terms of general knowledge. He finds himself struggling to answer a lot of questions with out having to stop and think about it, or give a very vague answer. He also struggles to connect with new people, like when Jin first arrived.

However, he is very knowledgeable about weapons, sport and combat, taking little time to come up with an answer and pull off the move with near total precision, making him a valuable asset in sparring or on-field training.


Aerokinesis - Through Turbulence, he can create a whirlwind around him by spinning around at high speeds.

Ergokinesis - Through Triple Kill, Splitter Ray & Sharp Hailstorm, he can create arcs of green and/or blue energy through his sword.

Fighting style:[]

Bartz's style is based around swordplay, using Kage to its full potential, not just through swinging it about.


-Beat Jin.

-Won the "Warrior of The Semester" award 3x in a row.

-First male student to legitimately get a second Gem.

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