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Alicia is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by DeviantArt user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as a major plot point in the Grand Power School Tournament arc.

Story: []

Alicia L'Beau is the technical eldest sister of the L'Beau triplets, and the only to wield a weapon. She is one of the main participants of the Grand Power School Tournament.


Her hair is dark pink and styled in a wavy bob, having nails to match. Her face is heavily made up too.

In battle, she wears a black & red dress decorated with purple flowers, black wristbands with gold bangles & mismatched boots, with a red ribbon tied up her right leg.

Outside of battle, she likes to wear oversized sweaters, tights, sneakers and have her hair tied up.


As cute as she looks and often is, Alicia is very prim and proper. While she can speak English perfectly fine, she prefers to speak in French, often saying "en Francais, s'il vous plaît" to her sisters when she wants them to speak their native language.


Black Magic - Alicia can make her sword control itself as well as add spikes to it and extend it.

Fighting style:[]

Alicia fights with her sisters as a unit, being the ringleader.

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