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A15 - Abomination is a character from the Blood On The Battlefield series made by Deviantart user MajorKrystalFan. She acts as the major villain in the movie: Week of The Skineater.


Akari Boseki was sent to the college as she was no longer accepted into any other for "grievous violence". That would soon show as she absorbed other students in secret to appease her Gem. In the meantime, she got close with Jun and became his girlfriend until she eventually - and accidentally - showed her true form.

In the end, Jun and Jin kill her together, much to the dismay of the former.


Her hair is blue, styled in a bob.

As a human, she wears a full school uniform and black boots.

In her mutated form, her skull is split in 2 with a bulging left eye, the skin and muscle on her body & arms ripped and exposed, alongside a thick left arm with a bone spike as a hand.


As a human, Akari is friendly, if a tad shy.

As her mutated form, she is increasingly dimwitted and brutish, using simple sentences and has little control over her body, as well as being in incredible pain.


Absorption - Akari can absorb any human to help retain her human form.

Fighting style:[]

While Akari doesn't fight in her base form, her mutated form uses strong strikes, grabs and using the environment to its fullest.


-Fused with 12 people on campus.

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